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Seaholm Football 2003
Goals of Seaholm Football


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Goals of Seaholm Football
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Taken from 2003 Parent Manual

Goals of Seaholm Football:


  1. Develop great people by teaching and letting them experience life lessons that football provides. These lessons include bouncing back from failure, teamwork, sacrifice, sportsmanship, coach ability and the ability to make a commitment.
  2. Develop an atmosphere where a student-athlete can flourish academically, athletically and socially.
  3. Develop a program that will compete for the State Championship, League Championship and City Championship each season.
  4. Develop a program that the community can rally behind and be proud of on the field and off the field.
  5. Have the team be honored by the MHSFCA as Academic All-State.



Philosophy of Coaching Staff:


  1. Every player is important to us. We believe that the game of football has something for those whom are willing to go after it. You do not have to a starter or a star to receive the benefits of football or have a good experience. Coach Carleton and Coach Mellor were not starters at Seaholm but both loved their experience. Practice Players, Special Team players and other roles are vital to the team. Those players may not be in the newspaper but the Coaches and their teammates know what an important contribution those players made to the team.
  2. We will play as many people as possible. However, with only 22 starting spots, one football and short 48 minutes games, not everyone will get their desired spot. We have a no superstar rule. Players are treated the same. The same rules apply to everyone. We win as a team, we lose as a team.
  3. We coach from a positive perspective. We want to challenge our student-athletes not demean them. We will always respect them as people. However, football is a tough game. You as a parent have tried to motivate your son, it is not always easy. As a coach, it is our job especially in the preseason to create adversity for the team. It would be bad if the first adversity the team faced were in the 4th Quarter vs. Groves. We practice situations and learn how to react them. In some cases your son my come home in a bad mood or even sad. I know I come from work sometimes in a bad mood, Im sure you have experienced this. Sometimes this is part of strategy, we are creating adversity, and many times that adversity is resolved at the next practice.

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