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7 AM


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2003 7 AM Rule

7 AM Policy


Definition: a failure to follow procedures or rules resulting in a 7 am meeting the following day.


Things that will get you a 7 am meeting:

  • Being late
  • Messing around
  • Jumping off-side/illegal motion
  • Lining up wrong
  • Running the wrong play
  • Receiving a 15 yard penalty
  • Having equipment out on the field or locker room
  • Not having your locker locked.
  • Leaving your helmet unattended
  • Action detrimentral to the team.
  • Telling a Coach I Know
  • Swearing
  • Not being where you are supposed to be
  • Fumbling a snap



If you do not show up for the meeting, you Will NOT dress for the next game.

We won five straight games after enacting this policy in 2002.