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2003 Player Manual

Seaholm Football

Player Manual


Things we as a team need to be successful:


  • Be in great football shape.
  • The ability to execute
    • Attendance in 2nd semester Football Tech.
    • Attendance at summer passing leagues and academies
    • 100% participation at summer team camp
  • Team Play
  • Attention to detail


Team Rules and Expectations


Expectation: Players are to follow the substance abuse contract.


Consequences: Player violates the substance abuse contract.

  • 1st offense
    • Player suspended for one game
    • Player loses standing on the depth chart
    • A Meeting must take place between the player, parents and Mr. Rozema
    • Player subject to lackey duty


  • 2nd offense
    • Dismissal from the team


Expectation: Player is expected to attend every in-season practice on time.


Consequences: Player misses a practice and is unexcused.

  • 1st offense
    • Player will not start in the next game.
    • Player will lose playing time
    • Player subject to lackey duty
  • 2nd Offense
    • Player suspended for one game
    • Player subject to lackey duty
  • 3rd offense      
    • Player dismissed from the team


Please Note: Detentions will be treated the same as an unexcused absence or tardy.


Consequence: Player comes late to a practice:

  • 1st offense
    • Player subject to lackey duty


  • Multiple violations
    • Player will stiffer consequences as tardies persist
    • Player subject to game suspensions
    • Player subject to dismissal from team


Expectation: Players are to be positive and respectful to teammates, coaches, opponents, referees, spectators and parents.


Consequences: Player is disrespectful, attempts to injure or performs any action detrimental to the team.

  • Player subject to penalties including suspension and dismissal from the team.


Note: Actions deemed detrimental to the team:

  • Cheap Shots, swearing, put downs, throwing equipment, insubordination, fighting, talking back, taunting, etc.


Expectation: Player is expected to strive to achieve in the classroom.

  • Markers of Achievement
    • Attends class
    • Is on time to class
    • Participates in class
    • Maintains proper grades.


Consequences: Player does not achieve in the classroom.

  • Mandatory S & T Block study table
  • Study table during practice
  • Misses games and practice to study


Player expectations;


Priorities:          1. Family

                        2. School

                        3. Football




Players are expected to prepare themselves to be a member of a Championship team.



  • Player is involved with an intense year round strength training program
  • Player participates in other sports
  • Player attends 2nd semester Football Tech
  • Skilled position players attend summer passing leagues
  • 100% team participation in team camp




Players are expected to perform at a Championship level.



  • Attend every practice on time
  • Be an unselfish team player
  • Be coachable
  • Be a positive force
  • Strives to excel


Rules of the locker room:

  • Do not bring valuables into the locker room
  • Lock your locker
  • Put all of your equipment into your locker
  • Keep the locker room clean
  • Watch your teammates back
  • Be a positive force
  • Equipment must be removed and turned in the Monday after the final game. Locks are cut and equipment is removed that Tuesday.


Player equipment and dress


  • Pads, helmet and mouth guard
  • Practice jersey

Game Day

  • School Day
    • Dress shirt, tie, dress pants, dress socks and dress shoes. This sets the tempo for the game. We are a first class organization.
  • Game:
    • Game Jersey is clean and in great shape
    • Everyone is dresses the same.
    • No shoe tape unless for injury
      • Home:
        • Maroon Jersey, White Pants, Maroon Belt, High White Socks Team or Black Shoes.
      • Away
        • White Jersey, Maroon Pants, White Belt, High White Socks. Team or Black Shoes

Field Day Policy:

        You are encouraged to participate.

        Field events can be restricted for injured players.


Ripped Fuel and Ultimate Orange are not allowed in your locker room.

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