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Seaholm Football 2003
Hydration Plan


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Hydration Plan
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Take care of yourself during the heat

Seaholm Football

Hydration Plan


  • Each player should bring their own water to summer workouts.
  • Every Seaholm football player has the right to have water any time during practice, workout or game.
  • Water breaks during workouts, practices or games are mandatory. Players should drink during these times even if they do not feel thirsty.



  • Player should drink water frequently during the day.
  • Player should eat a well-balanced diet.


Things to Avoid


  • Supplements- Teenaged boys with proper training, nutrition and rest should be able to reach their training goals. Supplements are not necessary.
    • Supplements containing ephedrine, ephedra,  Mu Hang- Guarana and caffeine have been proven to dehydrate the system. The N.F.L. and NCAA have banned many of these products.
    • Watch out for supplements like Ripped Fuel, Stacker 2, Hydroxcut, Xenadrine and many others. These are thermogenic and will dehydrate.
    • Creatine has been shown to possibly dehydrate players and should not be taken.


  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Soda Pop



For more information contact your Doctor.


To contact to Coach Carleton (248)594-7572  or

Drink Water